We Specialize In

Comprehensive E-Commerce Situations

▪ Website & App
▪ Ticketing Management
▪ Customer Service
▪ Fleet Management

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Innovating the Onboard Experience

▪ Unlimited WiFi
▪ OnCoach CINEMA
▪ with the Latest Hollywood Movies
▪ Surveillance Camera System

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Trusted ELD Solution

Easy, Reliable and Low-Cost!
SHIELD™ backed by 24 hour
customer support

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Intelligent Safety & Ad Broadcasting

Industry-leading platform for
onboard safety video/announcement
and advertisement revenue.

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Our Mission

We are committed to empowering drivers and bringing the overdue technology transformation to the bus and trucking industries. With our superb IT expertise, close working relationships, and high standard of customer service and warranties, we are working towards this transformation every day. We work with you on your challenges; we share and value your success.